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Lisa Law is available for workshops and public speaking engagements on Feng Shui, clutter management, meditation and stress reduction techniques. She has spoken to companies of all sizes throughout New England and recently brought her western style of Feng Shui to Singapore where it was very well received.

Lisa Law

Participants find Lisa's knowledge and peaceful manner inspiring. Her workshops are fun and she makes complex ideas simple and easy to implement. She can tailor programs to fit your group's needs, interest and time allotments. She looks forward to speaking to your company or organization soon! Her regular programs are:

Introduction to Feng Shui

Feng Shui believes that everything is connected and that when the environment is balanced and filled with positive energy, it enhances life goals and leads to a feeling of tranquility. Practicing Feng Shui can improve health, finances, relationships and lead to an overall sense of well-being. Lisa will give an overview of Feng Shui philosophy, show how to use tools such as the Bagua map, and provide at least 10 ideas that you can implement immediately to improve your spaces.

Freedom from Clutter

Feeling scattered? Having trouble finding things? This workshop is for you! Feng Shui believes that clean, harmonious, uncluttered spaces lead to balance and tranquility. Lisa will share with you the deeper meaning of the stuff we hold onto and inspire you to get more organized.


Before Decluttering completely changes the energy of this basement. After
Before After


Understanding the Bagua

Based on thousands of years of philosophy and tradition, the Bagua can be used as a powerful tool of transformation. The Bagua is based on the teachings of the I Ching and can be used to balance energy both physically and metaphysically. In this hands-on workshop, Lisa will teach participants how to place the Bagua on their spaces and show how it can help balance the environment.

Feng Shui for Parents & Teens

Teens love their messy rooms! Come find out why and learn how Feng Shui can help with goal setting and empowering your teen.


Before This boy’s room transitions from young child to young adult. Better built ins and a storage bench help him stay more organized. After
Before After


Feng Shui for Home Sales

Learn how to use Feng Shui to make your home more appealing to buyers and how to transition from living in your home to selling it. Lisa will share insights from her years as a Realtor as well as secrets she's learned as a staging professional.


Before Some inexpensive updates take this bedroom from bland to beautiful. After
Before After


Meditation for Relaxation

Do you lead a hectic fast paced life and have trouble relaxing? Lisa will teach you simple techniques to help calm your mind and share how simple life-style changes can promote balance and relieve stress.



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