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Feng Shui Consultations

Typical Feng Shui consultations take 2-3 hours. Lisa will tour each area of your home and discuss with you functionality, comfort, design, organization and Feng Shui improvements. Because all areas of life can be mapped onto your environment, you may also wish to talk about aspects of your life that you’d like to be more balanced or empowered.

Lisa will show you where the energy for your Career, Self-Cultivation, Health, Relationships, Prosperity, Creativity, Spirituality, and Well-Being are held in your environment through the use of Feng Shui’s Bagua Map. She will introduce you to Feng Shui enhancements and tools to add balance and harmony to your home and life-style. While you are together she will suggest ways rearrange and repurpose what you already own to support your goals and aspirations. Oftentimes, small inexpensive improvements can make a tremendous difference in how your spaces feel.

Commercial consultations are similar to residential, but may take more time depending on the scope and size of the business.

Lisa is also available for home staging as you prepare your home for sale. As a Realtor for 7 years she worked with many buyers and sellers and understands the real estate transaction. She will help you to improve the flow of energy in your spaces through Feng Shui and suggest ways to make your home more welcoming and comfortable to potential buyers.


Before These kitchen cabinets were painted and the hardware updated to fit the Zen-like feel of the space. After
Before After



Before Cabinets are painted to save money and update this bathroom. After
Before After


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