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About Feng Shui

Lisa Law is trained in Essential Feng Shui®, which is based in Eastern heritage, but adapted to the Western lifestyle. Statue It believes that everything is connected and that our spaces can support us in positive ways. Feng Shui recognizes that we are constantly changing and evolving and that arranging the environment can help empower life goals and lead to more balance and tranquility. Feng Shui encourages spaces to become sanctuaries that help restore energy and support work, play and rest. When spaces are unbalanced, cluttered or don’t support important aspects of life, it can lead to stress and a lack of harmony. Lisa can help recognize trouble spots, suggest solutions, and help empower you to make changes. Lisa looks forward to introducing you to Feng Shui and the positive affects it can bring.

When do you need Feng Shui?

  • You want to feel more supported and empowered
  • You want to enhance your health, prosperity, relationships or overall sense of well-being
  • You have spaces that don’t “work”
  • You need design or color advice
  • You want to be more organized
  • You’re moving, have moved, or are going through a transition
  • You want to create more balance and harmony in your life
  • You want your home to be your sanctuary
  • You want to learn about Feng Shui
  • You just want a special treat!

(Essential Feng Shui® is a registered trademark of the Western School of Feng Shui™)

Spaces that Nurture the Soul and Spirit

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