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The Rest, Relax and Restore Mini Retreat was absolutely wonderful. I was delighted and inspired with each lesson and exercise.    
--Rest, Relax & Restore Attendee

This is an excellent program for meditation. I can’t wait for the next class.   
--J.T., Rest, Relax & Restore Attendee

Lisa has the ability to teach the material relevant to daily living. She is a gift.   
--L.S., Rest, Relax & Restore Attendee

Lisa provides a wonderful space to learn and connect with her and others as we open our minds and learn how to use our energy positively in the world.    
--A.L., Rest, Relax & Restore Attendee

Lisa you were fantastic! I benefited incredibly from your services. It was a necessary transformation of my home. Felt like I called the doctor for my home and the doctor came and fixed it. Things that had been bothering me for a long time got fixed and I feel like I can breathe new ways in the home.   
--G.C., Westwood, MA

I have enjoyed a close friendship with Lisa and her family. Lisa gave a Feng Shui seminar at my company and it was obvious that Lisa had a tremendous amount of passion and had the audience totally captured by the presentation. I recommend that if you have a feeling that your home is lacking a certain energy Lisa is the person to visit you and explain the things you can do to make your home an inspirational place to relax that will have a great deal of positive energy. She is amazing at making great suggestions to make your home or just a single room the perfect place to relax.   
--S.M., Nashua, NH

I attended a Feng Shui & Design Consultation headed up by Lisa and immediately put the suggestions to use in my home. It improved the flow of energy and was right on the money! Her easy-going presentation skills were easy to understand, follow and impliment. I would recommend Lisa for anyone who desires to have a more clutter-free and positive work or home environment.   
--K.B., Nashua, NH

I loved Lisa’s workshop! I could have stayed all day and listen to her talk about Feng Shui. She makes it really fun and inspirational!    
--D.B., NH

Lisa, we were just talking about your and what a wonderful job you did on the condo. We can’t wait for you to work your magic on our new home!    
--L.W., Connecticut

Thank you, Lisa. You helped me in big and deep ways so that I can go fly my way!    
--Love you always, L.W., Singapore

Lisa helped me rearrange my room with Feng Shui. She helped me decide what I needed and what I didn’t use any more. She designed book shelves and rearranged my desk so that it’s much easier to stay organized and focus on my school work. She also showed me how to arrange my room using the Bagua. My room feels amazing and I love all the changes she suggested!    
--Michael (Age 13), Nashua, NH

I would like to thank Lisa for a wonderful and amazing 3 days of workshops on the Western style of Feng Shui and Bagua. In the Eastern world of Feng Shui, everything is complicated and very directional based. She has made it simple and easy to understand. She knows so much more and it's a pleasure to learn from her.    
--O.Y., Singapore

I benefited much from Lisa's Feng Shui course. It was easy to understand and yet effective. It was not complicated to understand as compared to Chinese Feng Shui. She encouraged us to do it from the heart and follow intuition. Thank you so much.    
--P.F., Singapore

Lisa Law’s cards and book are important tools to help guide you. Lisa is different from other Feng Shui practitioners. She adds deep love and caring. Please check them out. You’ll enjoy them.    
--Spiritual and Metaphysical Master Umesh Nandwani of Singapore

When selling a house, it's easy to pick up a magazine which tells you to update your kitchen and throw some paint on the walls. Lisa's class went further by providing useful insights into the buyer's perspective and state of mind when walking through the house.    
--I.R., Hollis, NH

Lisa, I can attest to my Feng Shui and personal energy improving quite dramatically just from the practice of staging our house for sale. It caused me to either let go of things I'd been holding on to or to pack them up and put them out of sight. The rooms are more open, spacious, and energy is flowing more nicely. It's a good exercise for anyone, even if they're not actually selling their home.    
--A.T., Nashua, NH

I was excited when I heard that a Feng Shui workshop was going to be offered by Lisa. Having heard about it long ago, I had limited knowledge of its benefits. During the workshop, my enthusiasm was building. I could see the results in Lisa's home and heard about the positive relationships that it helped rekindle. I could hardly wait to leave and do some immediate things in my own home...and I did!

Not only is my space more open, but it lends itself to more creativity. I have implemented Feng Shui at home and my office. It's easy, calming and something that is fun to maintain. It allows you to use a lot of what you already have in a better way and helps you to love your spaces!    
--K.B., Nashua, NH

It is so relaxing in here.” “This is not your typical office… it is very homey.” These are just a few of the comments we receive when clients meet with us in our financial advising office.

Lisa used her expertise to create a welcoming, comfortable environment in our conference room. She assisted us with overall layout and with the finishing touches, including artwork, upholstery for the conference room chairs and placement of awards on the bookshelves. She made a tedious process for me, much easier and even enjoyable. Both our staff and clients enjoy the changes.    
--L.L., Nashua, NH

When Lisa came for a Feng Shui consultation, I didn’t know what to expect. As we went around, she made suggestions on ways to improve the flow of energy in our home and use the Bagua map. All of her suggestions were easy and made sense. She also pointed out many of the ways we already practice Feng Shui and didn’t realize it. That was fun to see!

I like how Feng Shui encourages living in harmony with the environment and nature. Lisa is a pleasure to work with and I enjoyed the consultation.

We have implemented many of her ideas and are enjoying the changes she helped us make in our home.    
--M.B. Lyndeboro, NH

You think it's difficult? Wacky? Too much work? It's not. It's simply allowing yourself to re-focus, to decide for the side of calm! It's placement...of a picture, a thriving house plant or dish garden, a color. It's the taking advantage of a local thrift shop, the Salvation Army, the landfill and moving out of what's in your way. I stood at the front of my shop, Bagua in hand. Now, someone ELSE could have given me the Bagua and I would have smiled and shoved it under a pile of catalogs. But this was Lisa Law's Bagua and I liked Lisa. I trusted her. Her approach to Feng Shui connected to me on several levels. Her words, explanatory, reassuring, sat there...waiting to spring into action when I was ready. Well, It seemed I was ready. The small table and two chairs to my right, easily became my Helpful People corner. I rearranged the center table to include a seascape - adding napkins and blue candles. Circling the room, I made small color adjustments here and there...went back and circled again, this time with a trash bag...scooping up older or shelf worn inventory. (Lisa calls this de-cluttering.) Filling an empty spinner rack with children's invitations and moving it next to a bookcase that housed design ideas, I marveled as a creative corner was born. I welcomed customers to the back of my shop with bright yellows and reds and hung a rather luxurious item on the back (prosperity) wall. I took approximately 30 outdated catalogs and tossed them. I probably stopped to wait on customers, but I was on a roll. I've more work to do, of course, but I've started. I've taken that first step. I've even had the side wall painted a rich blue/green. Now, what are the hours of that Thrift Shop again?    
--With gratitude and appreciation, B.G., Peterborough, NH

My husband and I are very interested in energy work and creating a positive environment in our home, so we invited Lisa for a Feng Shui consultation. She explained Feng Shui in simple, understandable ways, gave us lots of easy suggestions for improvements, and taught us how the Bagua fit onto our spaces. I've been having terrible vertigo for several years and when we went around our home with Lisa and saw that our mudroom is in our Health Area, I immediately saw that all of the clutter there clogged my energy in that area.

Lisa recommended cleaning out and organizing the space.

We are also interested in retiring so she made recommendations for enhancements in our Wealth and Prosperity Area, too. We made small changes throughout the consultation that immediately made spaces feel better.

I don't think she was out the door before I started taking things down in the mudroom and rearranging as she suggested. I was amazed at the differences.

Within two weeks of the consultation, I'd met with a new doctor and had a new diagnosis for my vertigo and am controlling my symptoms through diet. I also received a check in the mail that I didn't expect and was told by a relative that I had unclaimed property through the state and got another check unexpectedly. There is something really special about Feng Shui and working with Lisa. We've continued to de-clutter all areas of our home and made Feng Shui enhancements that she suggested. Everything feels wonderful. I highly recommend working with Lisa!    
--P.V., NH

I'm at a turning point in life. My parents have passed and the kids are off to college. We have a large family home crammed with things I had saved for "someday" and I realized it was time to take a look at the environment which I called home. I began the process several years ago going through my home. The process seemed daunting and completely over whelming at times. Although I stuck with it, some months being more successful than others, I still found that I had so much stuff I was constantly just moving it around.

I decided to attend one of Lisa's de-cluttering classes. I found the class to be energizing. She gave me new ways to process the job of downsizing and cleaning out my home. Through the workshop I realized that our spaces didn't fit us anymore or reflect who I am in my life now nor did they reflect my grown children. I wanted to have my favorite spots feel good again and evolve as we have. My husband is happy with the open spaces I have created and is enjoying many of the areas more, too. He encourages me to do even more.

Thank you Lisa for allowing me to explore this process of downsizing and de-cluttering with a new vision in my home. I am making great progress and am really enjoying the changes.    
--L.C., Nashua, NH

I met Lisa through a mutual friend. I had been living in my new house for 2 years and within that time span, a good marriage had ended, my financial situation went from great to horrible, and we lost our business. Going over a little of the history of the house, I discovered that the previous owners had divorced and had a few tragedies of their own. I thought that maybe there was something wrong with the energy flow of the house. I called Lisa over for a Feng Shui overview. We went over the Bagua and discovered the love/relationship section was located in the pantry and bathroom!!! Talk about a drain!!! The money section wasn't quite complete either. The house was in the middle of renovations and I took this opportunity to change a few small things. I also went on a serious de-cluttering mission!! After organizing the house and placing some meaningful items in the areas I wanted to change I noticed a huge improvement!!! My boyfriend decided to move in and my personal income also increased with the potential make more! This was all within 3 weeks of those few small changes!! Lisa was very detailed and went through each room giving suggestions on what to change. I am so happy I asked her to help me change the energy flow of the house!    
--D.E., Milford, NH

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